The CSL, CAL-Spora Luxembourg asbl, is defined by three core values:


Unity (with a specific emphasis on equal opportunities)


Sporting excellence


Unity: This value underscores the importance of cohesion and solidarity among all club members, promoting an environment where everyone works together towards shared goals. It ensures that all members, irrespective of their background, have equal access to resources, training, and opportunities, fostering an inclusive atmosphere.


Transparency: The club is dedicated to maintaining open and honest communication both within and outside the organization. This commitment includes clarity in management decisions and performances, which builds mutual trust and respect.


Sporting Excellence: The CSL strives to achieve the highest standards in athletics, focusing on the development of athletic skills and personal growth while upholding the integrity of sports.


These values collectively guide the CSL in its mission to not only excel in sports but also to cultivate a community that values unity, integrity, and fairness.